Elemental Cookies is a family-run business based in Washingtonville, NY. Jen and Lou Lombardo welcome you to explore our website and think about how we can help you with all your cookie needs--because don't we all have cookie needs?

Lou learned from an early age how to make great cookies. His mom, Irene, is always making cookies late into the night and he learned everything he knows from her. Lou has used his training as a chemist to scientifically break down our favorite cookie recipes and make them so much better. The result is that our cookies have to be tasted to be believed.

Jen is the creative side of the family. She is the artist behind all of our designer cookies. Jen keeps our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages going so if you want to discuss anything related to our cookies, she'd love to talk with you.

And of course there are our special taste-testers, Alex and Jack, who let Mom & Dad know how good their cookies are.

Elemental Cookies LLC was formed in April, 2011.